Thursday, October 15, 2009


RTA Studio's [IRONBANK] was recently awarded 4 awards for sustainable design, commercial design, urban design and the Resene colour award. We couldn't agree more. We would love to see more of the same throughout Greater Auckland. The architecture is inspiring, adventurous, quirky, contemporary and bold. Described by the media as a bunch of rusted cargo containers stacked on top of each other, we see it as a new frontier - design that is breaking the mediocrity of the architecture that is so prevalent in Auckland. Well done RTA Studio, we are proud of you.

Monday, October 5, 2009


If you go into the city today you are in for a big surprise. The [BRITOMART PRECINCT] has received a wee face-lift. The so-last-Century brick paving has been replaced by a lush, green lawn and timber boardwalk. Not only that but the corridor joining Britomart train station was lined with trees. What a difference that makes, the entire [TAKUTAI SQUARE] softens up and looks so inviting. People armed with cameras were out in full force and brought a smile to the weather beaten crowd. We are shocked to learn that it will only be temporary - what a shame.

Britomart's people report that the ‘Spring into Britomart’ project includes the laying of a temporary 22 x 22 metre lawn in [TAKUTAI SQUARE], the main public space in the precinct, and the planting of more than 90 trees as well as grasses in planters. The new Takutai Lawn will be the focus of a wide range of activities and events over the summer and beyond. This week’s plantings include 20 four-metre plane trees lining the Te Ara Tahuhu walking street where it runs between the Britomart Transport Centre and Commerce Street. In addition, more than 70 native pohutukawas, puriris and griselinias have been planted around the lawn and interim car park areas. We are hoping that this becomes a permanent feature, start writing your letters now.