Thursday, November 5, 2009


The long awaited upgrade of [ST PATRICK'S SQUARE - PART A] is complete and what a revelation it is - Hallelujah ! What was a depressing patch of lawn and rocks is now an example of good urban design. We love the artworks by Steve Woodward and Mary-Louise Brown, the water features, the public seating that can also be used as a table top, the paving, the lights and all the different textures. The upgrade covers the entire area between Albert, Hobson, Swanson and Wyndham Streets, and also complements the 2007 restoration of St Patrick's Cathedral. All that is needed now is for the [SAFFRON TOWER] to be built, more pavement cafe's spilling onto the square and for the lazy landlords in the area to clean up their buildings and restore some pride. Praise be to the Auckland City Council for having some foresight.


Built in 1929 to mark the end of the First World War, the Museum has witnessed Kiwi men and women leave to serve in World War 2. It has gazed on the Auckland wharf strikes and occupation of Bastion Point, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and victory at the Rugby World Cup. Now the [AUCKLAND MUSEUM] is 80 years old and looking better than ever. New lighting will transform our classical building at night - with roughly 400 LED fixtures there will be 3 phases:

7pm-12am: Classical Mode
[This mode uses a golden hue, which climbs the building in a warm, amber tone]

12am-3am: Moonlit Mode
[This mode uses white light to reflect a moonlit sky]

3am-7am: Sleep Mode
[This lighting mode uses a softer blue shade to reflect morning slumber]