Friday, July 31, 2009


2010 is shaping up to be a busy year for Auckland. We believe that there will be a flurry of construction and infrastructure projects across greater Auckland beginning in the last quarter of 2009, continuing through 2010 and all the way through to mid 2011. We will be so bold as to predict that 2011 onwards we will see Auckland's skyline change beyond recognition. Inside information suggests that Auckland is going to be a completely different city come 2016 and we welcome that with open arms.

There are many projects that we would like to introduce you to and we are happy to report that the majority are A grade projects with the type of architecture that Auckland has been yearning for, firstly, Mansons TCLM ltd is bringing us another set of green buildings. They are currently working on [VICTORIA SQUARE] and once complete they will start on their next project [VIADUCT EXCHANGE]. We are very happy to see the back of what is currently a parking lot along Fanshawe Street - an eye-sore of epic proportions.

What is proposed ? an A grade Office campus and Retail development consisting of 5 office buildings , landscaped gardens, a public plaza and a wide pedestrian boulevard. We love the fact that there will be open spaces where we can soak up the sun on a perfect Summer's day and the fact that the plaza will complement the adjoining plaza at the Vodafone complex making it more pedestrian friendly for urban explorers such as ourselves. We also love the architecture; asymmetrical, fractured facades, colour and the generous use of glass curtain walls. We wish [VIADUCT EXCHANGE] every bit of success.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The ugly duckling that was a hideous old building on Victoria Street West is transforming into a graceful swan. Telecom's new HQ [TELECOM PLACE] is rising fast and promises to be both contemporary and eco-friendly where 2500 staff will work and play. The construction site is currently New Zealand's biggest city office platform at 7800sq m.

Each of the four buildings is slightly different:
Building A
consists of 7 levels and located on the northwest Dock Street side of the site.
Building B
neighbours Building A and consists of 8 levels, located on the northern front of Hardinge Street - city side.
Building C
is behind them and flanks Victoria Street West. The 6 level building is located on the western side.
Building D
is 7 levels and located on the eastern edge - city side.
In between these buildings, a quadrangle has been created which is a central atrium area. Its most distinguishing feature is a large internal flight of stairs about 12m wide, under which the Telecom auditorium or theatre space is housed. We love the fact that the developer took into consideration the fact that there is an opportunity to get this building near city transport hubs such as Britomart and the ferry terminals so that people can leave their cars at home. Hopefully we will see more and more of this kind of thinking in car-centric Auckland. We look forward to the opening of this new office complex.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Who could have guessed, another new Hotel for Auckland and we have a sneaky suspicion that this won't be the last time that we hear of new hotels sprouting up across Greater Auckland. It was recently reported that Auckland is in dire need of guest rooms for the Rugby World Cup 2011 and we have to agree that Auckland Airport definitely needs a hotel, this project is long overdue. Here are all the details:

Tainui Group Holdings has this morning confirmed speculation it will build a new hotel at Auckland International Airport. An agreement has been announced between the airport and the tribe together with Accor Hospitality.The 263-room, twelve storey Novotel property will be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup.The 14,000sq m hotel designed by Warren and Mahoney will be adjacent to the airport’s international terminal and constructed to a height of 52 metres. It will be Accor’s 30th hotel in New Zealand.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


As reported by the New Zealand Herald, Bewildered passengers found the platforms unusually green and springy at Britomart Station in Auckland, after the concrete floor was temporarily transformed into a "meadow". A milk company spent all night laying 1250sq m of grass - ready to greet the first train of travellers that arrived just after 7am. The station remained open throughout the day of filming for eight Meadow Fresh commercials. One train driver spent all day driving in and out of the station amid the actors, buttercups, bushes and grass needed for the advertisements. Northcote Intermediate students will be next to walk on the grass.

The magnificent photographs were supplied by CraigSyd.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Fanshawe Street has a new sparkling gem and Pakenham Street East, in the Viaduct Precinct, will never be the same again - it has changed for the better and we owe our gratitude to a fabulous new piece of architecture [NZI CENTRE]. The building is one of the most sustainable in Auckland and will be glam palace for the approximately 600 staff members at New Zealand Insurance, a brand of the IAG Group.

The 5 Green star rated building is a low-rise structure on the corner of Fanshwe Street and Market Place based on the now popular "open plan office" concept and filled with light. There is also an on-site cafe which we can't wait to visit. Unfortunately the building isn't open to the public as yet but we did peep through the glass barrier and we are glad to report that the interior design is fantastic - full of colour, space and greenery.

What we also found very impressive is the art work located on the Pakenham Street East facade. It is very Melbourne - fractured, a luminous green and not another waka cum over-sized Pohutakawa flower cum seagull "art" piece that is so prevalent throughout Auckland. Hallelujah indeed ! This is one piece of architecture that we are proud to call our own and we can't wait to show it off.