Friday, July 31, 2009


2010 is shaping up to be a busy year for Auckland. We believe that there will be a flurry of construction and infrastructure projects across greater Auckland beginning in the last quarter of 2009, continuing through 2010 and all the way through to mid 2011. We will be so bold as to predict that 2011 onwards we will see Auckland's skyline change beyond recognition. Inside information suggests that Auckland is going to be a completely different city come 2016 and we welcome that with open arms.

There are many projects that we would like to introduce you to and we are happy to report that the majority are A grade projects with the type of architecture that Auckland has been yearning for, firstly, Mansons TCLM ltd is bringing us another set of green buildings. They are currently working on [VICTORIA SQUARE] and once complete they will start on their next project [VIADUCT EXCHANGE]. We are very happy to see the back of what is currently a parking lot along Fanshawe Street - an eye-sore of epic proportions.

What is proposed ? an A grade Office campus and Retail development consisting of 5 office buildings , landscaped gardens, a public plaza and a wide pedestrian boulevard. We love the fact that there will be open spaces where we can soak up the sun on a perfect Summer's day and the fact that the plaza will complement the adjoining plaza at the Vodafone complex making it more pedestrian friendly for urban explorers such as ourselves. We also love the architecture; asymmetrical, fractured facades, colour and the generous use of glass curtain walls. We wish [VIADUCT EXCHANGE] every bit of success.

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