Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Fanshawe Street has a new sparkling gem and Pakenham Street East, in the Viaduct Precinct, will never be the same again - it has changed for the better and we owe our gratitude to a fabulous new piece of architecture [NZI CENTRE]. The building is one of the most sustainable in Auckland and will be glam palace for the approximately 600 staff members at New Zealand Insurance, a brand of the IAG Group.

The 5 Green star rated building is a low-rise structure on the corner of Fanshwe Street and Market Place based on the now popular "open plan office" concept and filled with light. There is also an on-site cafe which we can't wait to visit. Unfortunately the building isn't open to the public as yet but we did peep through the glass barrier and we are glad to report that the interior design is fantastic - full of colour, space and greenery.

What we also found very impressive is the art work located on the Pakenham Street East facade. It is very Melbourne - fractured, a luminous green and not another waka cum over-sized Pohutakawa flower cum seagull "art" piece that is so prevalent throughout Auckland. Hallelujah indeed ! This is one piece of architecture that we are proud to call our own and we can't wait to show it off.


  1. Some observations about the artwork:
    # Its not a rock.
    # Its not a seagull.
    # Its not a waka.
    # Its not a light box.
    # Its awesome!

    We need MORE of this in Auckland. Imagine what Queen Street, High Street, O'Connell and Elliott Streets would look like with funky artowrk like this.

    Do you know what happened to the sculpture proposed for the corner of Wakefield and Queen Streets? And the one on the corner of K Road and Queen Steet. What about the water feature by Myers Park? Looking forward to the completion of Deloitte. I think they're going to commission an artwork. Hopefully theres something for the footpath aswell. Though I am suspicious that it will be another rock.

  2. LOL ! It is a pleasant change from the predictable. I can't wait to see the proposals for Elliott Street & Darby Street, it will be fab to have some funky art work scattered throughout the city.

    The sculpture for cnr Wakefield/Queen Str - as well as - cnr K/Queen Str has been shelved by his royal highness John Banks. The Myers Park gateway water feature has also been scrapped by him.

    My guess is that the art feature for Deloittes will be on the cnr of Shortland and Queen Streets - I hope that it is something unusual, best you start parying now .. lol !

  3. can someone point me to the waka

  4. hot looking building and love the art work. Clean and Green!

  5. It's very fab as you walk past and seems to change form as you move. Does anyone know who the sculpture is by?


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