Friday, March 5, 2010


ASB Bank Ltd and Kiwi Income Property Trust have agreed to develop the new ASB Head Office at Wynard Quarter [aka SEA+CITY]. The design of the building is cutting edge and contemporary, truly unique to Auckland.

It is a shame that the usual suspects are acting up again: Aaron Bhatnager and Alex Swney are complaining about the height of the building - what height ? For some unknown reason people think that Auckland city is a lifestyle block, they would much rather see a squat block with little or no flair stretching across many city blocks. Mr Swney goes even further and suggests that the building will block the sea - uh ? It is set back from the sea, there is a huge boulevard in front of the building - do your homework Alex.

For once we actually agree with Brian Rudman who finally supports the idea of Auckland having more "imagination" but at the same time he fails miserably when he states that the feature at the top of the building looks like "a giant, meringue-shaped, seagull dropping" ... No, no Mr Rudman, use your imagination - it looks like a funnel, the same kind that you will find on an ocean liner and it will also serve a purpose. The funnel will bring in cold air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months.

As for this building - we say to ASB - BUILD IT, it is your money and your building. For far too long the minority in this city have held Auckland to ransom. The sooner we become a dynamic, creative and sprawl free city, the better !