Thursday, June 25, 2009


South Auckland's newest park - [BARRY CURTIS PARK] - recently opened for residents to stroll, cycle and play in. We love it and can't wait to see it when the vegetation is fully grown and when the signature areas are complete. The park of 100ha is the largest of it's kind in New Zealand and has already won three awards for the wetland playground area, for the design of the signature areas and for project management.
What else do we love ? the fact that the largest [BUDDHIST TEMPLE] on the North Island is just across the Road where you can destress at the tea room and enjoy a wide range of tea including lotus flower tea, the architectural elements of the park and the sculptural landscaping. What we don't like is the fact that there is no cafe in the park and there is a distinct lack of colour. We hope that these issues will be adressed in the continuing development of the park.

The soon-to-be defunct Manukau City Council have kindly provided us with a video showcasing the design concepts, inspiration and elements of the park. Due to the fact that the [BARRY CURTIS PARK] is a continuous project and will be developed over time, the video also includes a glimpse of what we can expect for the future. Enjoy the viewing;


  1. Is this video of your creation ? Or where you involved in any way? Love your blog Just discovering it today! BRAVO.

  2. No sweety - not my creation ... Thanks :) I worked really hard on it and will try to do more shortly. Stay tuned :)


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