Thursday, June 18, 2009


In 2008 Auckland was banished by [MONOCLE] magazine but this year the chic global design and lifestyle magazine agrees that Auckland has earned the reputation to be included again and we sit proudly in position # 20. Of all the surveys [EYE] ON AUCKLAND views this survey as the most important one.

[MONOCLE] launched their 25 top liveable cities survey in 2007 and then ranked Auckland very highly at position # 16. In 2008 they thought that Auckland didn't make the cut and subsequently we were cut from the list. Very humiliating indeed and we hung our heads in shame but now we are back !

The magazine ranks cities not just on usual livability measures such as the cost of housing and infrastructure but also tries to provide a sense of what makes big cities truly "great". Its reviewers looked at the aesthetic of the built environment, the efficiency of bureaucracies, whether you can eat late at night and the safety and comfort of walking the streets.

Auckland can hold its head up high, this year alone the Mercer Index for [QUALITY OF LIFE] ranked the city at # 4 and the Economist Intelligence Unit 's index for [LIVEABILITY] ranked the city at # 12. Not bad for our big little city with a council that has a repressed 20th Century mentality, a small but cosmopolitan population of 1.3 million people and placed at the furthest end of planet Earth.

Well done Auckland, now let's strive to be # 1

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