Monday, July 27, 2009


The ugly duckling that was a hideous old building on Victoria Street West is transforming into a graceful swan. Telecom's new HQ [TELECOM PLACE] is rising fast and promises to be both contemporary and eco-friendly where 2500 staff will work and play. The construction site is currently New Zealand's biggest city office platform at 7800sq m.

Each of the four buildings is slightly different:
Building A
consists of 7 levels and located on the northwest Dock Street side of the site.
Building B
neighbours Building A and consists of 8 levels, located on the northern front of Hardinge Street - city side.
Building C
is behind them and flanks Victoria Street West. The 6 level building is located on the western side.
Building D
is 7 levels and located on the eastern edge - city side.
In between these buildings, a quadrangle has been created which is a central atrium area. Its most distinguishing feature is a large internal flight of stairs about 12m wide, under which the Telecom auditorium or theatre space is housed. We love the fact that the developer took into consideration the fact that there is an opportunity to get this building near city transport hubs such as Britomart and the ferry terminals so that people can leave their cars at home. Hopefully we will see more and more of this kind of thinking in car-centric Auckland. We look forward to the opening of this new office complex.


  1. Is there a building going up next door aswell? Any renders?

  2. Are you referring to the hideous parking lot across the road ?

  3. No, the one adjacent to Victoria Square. 162 Victoria Street (??) Theres some renders on the CAD Studio website. Looks Nice.

  4. 162 Victoria is across the road from Victoria Square, it is currently a tacky parking lot next door to Les Mills Gym. According to a press release, the development will proceed once Telecom is complete.

    I agree, it does look good :)

  5. Hope the building has some nice cafes built into it cause there ant much variety down here cafe and food wise. Some of the bakerys only do well cause they have no competition.

  6. I also hope so, judging from the renders there will be one in the atrium. It will be gr8 to have a MOJO in there, please not another Esquires :)

  7. Excellent news re:cafe yes I agree we dont need an Esquires or heaven help it a Starbucks Cafe.

    The building is looking pretty impressive by my standards hope they staff like to walk cause the public transport is a bit far like.


  8. Hi Sydney!

    Looking at the four buildings the centre part of each building which could be the lift area is very large square surface area. Most new buildings dont have such a large lift area it appears has eaten into the working space areas of each building?

    Does it have anything to do with the reclaimed land its sitting on or something else and its a weight problem?

  9. 162 Victoria Street which was the old parking building but recently construction has started. The one opposite the Telecom four buildings.

    I have heard it could be a new police station but not sure if this is correct?


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