Saturday, September 11, 2010


The "rusty and crusty" brigade is out in full force again doing the Auckland shuffle (one step forward, three steps back)  but we are here to set the record straight. The voice for the narrow-minded minority - yes you guessed it, The New Zealand Herald - is once again stirring the witch's cauldron and got the usual suspects (Mike Lee and Brian Rudman) doing what they do best ..... feeding the trolls.
We on the other hand would like to congratulate the Auckland City Planning Commissioners who have finally approved the mid-rise Hotel planned for Quay Street, Britomart and we have taken it upon ourselves to reply to The New Zealand Herald and Mike Lee as follows:

This is pure NZ Herald sensationalism - again ! The NZ Herald is the voice of the narrow minded minority who are always quick to come out guns blazing but with no just cause at all. Building the hotel does not detract from the area's historical merit, it enhances it. Contrary to what people want to believe the Britomart Precinct is not a time capsule. A city evolves and adapts to the needs and styles of the era, if anything the new hotel will make the Britomart Precinct that more interesting - a timeline in 3 dimensions - a progression of Auckland as a city.

The NZ Herald's report is wrong, the truth is that the heritage of Britomart remains intact and untouched. Not one of those buildings listed will be demolished, in fact, they will be restored and given a new lease of life - which is very much needed considering their current neglected state. The Seafarer's building is definitely nothing short of an eyesore and it is not heritage listed (nor should it be). The hotel will enhance the area, create work opportunities and tourists/hotel guests will serve as a cash injection for all the retail and hospitality in the area.

The new hotel will also help to balance the bulk of the entire area. This is a city people and not some lifestyle block. It is all fair and well to protect heritage buildings but that doesn't mean that everything else must stand still or that heritage buildings can't be incorporated into contemporary buildings. It is short sighted, unrealistic, old fashioned and quite simply idiotic. 
For Mike Lee to want to contest the development is all smoke and mirrors spurned on by The NZ Herald and their biased "reports".


  1. I have a big problem with this building and it's not the height. The design just doesn't do it for me. Auckland has enough boxy buildings, we need some curves in the city.

  2. I agree, enough boxes already but I am going to hold out until I get to see more renders etc. We haven't seen enough to make any judgements yet - if it looks anything like SANAA's MOMA then I will be happy.

    At least it is the beginning of the end for the Seafarer's building and that in itself is reason to celebrate.


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