Saturday, November 6, 2010


World-renowned French environmentalist, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, has brought his incredible aerial photography to Auckland. The exhibition is entitled [EARTH FROM ABOVE] and is part of the inaugural Auckland Art Week from 5 - 14 November 2010 at Aotea Square. It is well worth the visit and makes for some great reading. The new speaker system also comes in handy with informative commentary regarding the art works. The beautiful music sets the mood for the exhibition. We also love the new gateway "Welcome to Auckland's big little City" it is unexpected and adds a lot to the square. 


  1. They had the gate at Diwali as well. I like it and hope that they use it at more events. It seems to be a very recognisable symbol and could be used to generate buzz about an event when people see it erected outside a location.

  2. I don't see why not the gate can be a permanent fixture at Aotea Square? I hope to go along and see these artworks. they look interesting.

  3. Thanks for the info James B ... I would also like to see the gate become a permanent fixture - it just adds another quirky dimension to the square.

    @ Anonymous - if you love photography then you will love the display - don't miss it ;)

    Thanks for the comments.


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