Sunday, May 17, 2009


Telecom 2 - Auckland City Council (caught sleeping again) 0

It was during December 2008 when Telecom transformed Victoria Park with a 27m tall Christmas tree that sent messages to Santa and had thousands of us enthralled by its beauty. Now Telecom have done it again - light artist Mike Mizrahi was hired by telecom to transform Auckland's [CITY HALL] into a magical wonderland for the promotion of Telecom's new XT Mobile Network.
After micro-mapping every inch of the surface of the civic building, they used lights, video and colour to turn the building into a psychedelic, technicolour explosion. Images cannot translate the splendour that I witnessed but you can try to use your imagination.

The spectators gasped with joy when the [CITY HALL] transformed from an architectural structure into a big house consisting entirely of candy. Needless to say that the children loved it.

The sandcastle brought back wonderful memories of when I was a child and we would leave our landlocked locale for a month of candy floss and toffee apples at the seaside resort of Durban, South Africa.

Scientific endeavours were not forgotten - a futuristic display of numerals (matrix style) dancing across the building enthralled us and a rocket blasted off from the clock tower and took us to saturn.

My personal favourite was the lighthouse - the clock tower was transformed into a red and white beacon of hope while the semi-circular part of the building became the rocky base complete with crashing waves and seagulls. It was so beautiful.

More photographs can be viewed HERE

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