Monday, May 11, 2009


As much as we are opposed to cars and motorways, we fully embraced the opportunity to take a walk on the new [SH20] motorway extension before it opened to motorcars. As usual curiosity got the better of us and we had to go and investigate. We are pleased to report that [EYE] on Auckland was impressed with some of the design features while other areas failed dismally !
We love the motifs on what could have been barren concrete ! We immediately thought of flax plants and adored the retaining walls supporting the Hillsborough Road flyover - it evokes feelings of lava flows forming contour lines around solid objects.
We also liked the landscaping, especially the diagonal lines created by carefully placed shrubs.
The pedestrian / cycle bridge is very mediocre. It lacks colour as much as it lacks expression and excitement, [EYE] on Auckland can think of many alternatives which you can view HERE.
We are sure that this retaining wall was supposed to draw reference to the scoria of the volcano nearby but fake rock is always a big NO-NO in our book. One can only hope that it will start to look more "real" as time goes by and it is covered by moss.


  1. WOW! Again, this is EXACTLY what I was thinking. And again, the way the bridge has been implemented into the design is HALF-ARSED in typical Auckland style "Hey we'll chuck in a fancy looking bridge just to make it look nice"...But wait...Where's the COLOUR? Wheres the VISION? Wheres the EXCITEMENT?

    The fencing around the pedestrian overbridge is also HIDEOUS! Why couldnt they come up with something more imaginative? Like everything else in Auckland, this looks BARREN and UNFINISHED. I reckon the patterns(flax) on the side walls should have been painted/coloured. Oh well! Thats Auckland for you :(

  2. I must agree, the fencing enclosing the bridge is very, very tacky indeed. There is hope however, the pedestrian bridge that will cross the upper harbour motorway will be painted yellow (according to artistic renders) and the new pedestrian bridge that will link St Mary's Bay with Westhaven Marina should make a statement.

    Let's just hope that budget aren't cut yet again and we are left with the third best option, which is the norm. Here is to hope mate.


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