Monday, October 4, 2010


We returned to [AOTEA SQUARE] after nightfall and this is when the square comes to life. The lighting is truly beautiful and we have been told that the LED lighting will change colour throughout the night. Definitely worth the trip to watch the the square transform as the sun sets and the light invades the space.


  1. What a difference $80 million makes! I personally love the new features that have been added to Aotea Square, and compared to what the square looked like prior to the upgrade, it is an immense improvement. When will the big screen go up?

  2. It is like chalk and cheese, the old Aotea Square was very depressing, this is much lighter and I for one am very happy that there is some colour at night. I guess that they will still install art and banners which will bring some colour to the square during the day.

    Auckland City Council is currently seeking feedback on a proposal to allow for sound levels of up to 85 decibels when screening some events on Aotea Square's big screen, which will be installed next year.

    Let's hope that the nimby brigade don't put a stop to this :)

  3. Lighting Design by LDP -


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