Saturday, October 23, 2010


As reported on 22 October 2010, we went along for the open day and to watch a film or two at the newly refurbished [VICTORIA PICTURE PALACE]. We were disappointed that the exterior has been "sterilised" and is devoid of any colour. We loved the Art Deco sherbert colouring but alas it is all gone and is now a dull beige - sadly, Auckland's allergy towards colour continues unabated.

We loved the cinemas, the Venus statue was a pleasant surprise and the entertainment was top class. We are happy to report that many turned out to welcome the cinema back and to partake in all of Devonport's culinary delights, the shopping on offer and pleasant strolls along the promenade.  We look forward to hopping on a ferry from the city centre and heading into Devonport for a candlelit supper and finally a great art circuit movie.  


  1. Awesome to see the old girl back. I used to go there just about every week after work on a Saturday. Hopefully they can open up the bar on the ground level as well. It would be great to have a cocktail and then watch a classic movie. As for the colour, I wonder if this is closer to how it would have looked when it was first built.

  2. The bar is still there but that is about that, a cocktail before a movie will be great :) I am pleased to read that they will offer combo packages i.e. a movie ticket inclusive of a ferry ticket - a fantastic idea.

    As for the colour ..... mmmm .... the building has lost most of it's Victorian facade and converted into an Art Deco cineplex, I therefore feel that the sherbert colours were more appropriate. At the same time, I am not totally against a new paint job but did it have to be so dull ? They could have highlighted the architectural features with a complimentary colour and spare us the monotony.


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